What is a university or college?

University or college is the post-secondary phase of education. Every 4 out of 10 people in all parts of the world study up to post-secondary level. This is why it can be said that most of the young individuals along with their concerned parents face the choice between university and college. Many people think that there is one basic difference between the both. Universities are run by the government while colleges are mostly privately owned. However, there are many other differences that set them both apart.

What is a university?

A university is mostly very vast and widespread institution that is typically divided into several departments. A university mostly offers undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate academic programs as well.

What is a college?

A college is a smaller sized education institution that does not offer degrees other than undergraduate. It is rare for a college to offer academic degrees beyond graduation. Moreover, you will not find a college divided into several sub-departments.

Which is more diverse?

The one very prominent distinction between a university and college is diversity. Universities are much more diverse and home to a greater variety of people in comparison to colleges. The total numbers of classes that are held in universities are far more. The large campus size also accommodates to a larger number of students and this is why you will find more people who belong to diverse cultural backgrounds in one single place. The study fields in universities are also very diverse and versatile. From law to medical science, humanities and several other things – you get to choose amongst various fields. However, colleges are more restricted to a single field. For instance, you will find that a college is only teaching and training in law or medicine. However, university will have several different colleges dedicated to different genres of study on a single campus.

Eligibility criterion for college

The eligibility criterion for admission in college is different than university. You will find that getting admission into a college is not as scary or hard as it might appear. The rules are not as strict as you think they might be and you will find that getting admission into college after you finish high school is easier.

Eligibility criterion for university

It is important to follow eligibility criteria when looking for admission in a university. You will have to not only score amazingly in college or high school. It is also important that you appear in a number of tests and qualify with flying colors in each test in order to get admission. It will also depend on the field of study that you choose to pursue your degree in for how hard or easy it will be for you to get admission. Each domain of study has different criteria to follow and ask for different requirements to be fulfilled. Hence, it becomes important that you get complete information about the university and all requirements in order to avoid any problems while seeking admission.