horse race syndication

A brief review of horse race syndication

Most of the people are interested in horse racing and other related activities. If you are into horse racing, you might be familiar with the term of horse syndication. Even if you are not, here is a brief explanation of the term. The horse syndication means purchasing of shares in a horse for racing by a professional might be done by a single person or by a group of people. The shares include the cost of buying the horse along with the annual maintenance fee for the horse.

What does horse syndication mean?

The syndication cost varies depending upon the number of people contributing. If the numbers of people are purchasing the shares of the racehorse, then more affordable price occur. So, if you are interested in horse racing syndicate, you can fulfil your desire, if you do not have a large sum of money. Also, you can get more owners to reduce the cost even more. Many people cannot afford the annual maintenance, so they add other people who share the cost. Doing this, the annual cost is also reduced when it comes to training the horse and preparing it for competition.

Annual cost is spent on training the horse for competition, entry fee, boarding and showing of horses, insurance of the horse, raving and equipment’s, centenary care and any other important tasks like shipping of the animal to the racing destination. This cost is required on annual basis and is split equally among the partners of race horse syndication

How you get the right ownership?

There are two different types of ownership in horse syndication:

  • First, one is upper level team prospects, which is making the racing a high event and much more exciting. It covers an event of 3 days where you might not present in the event but have a major contribution to the scene like in horse training.
  • Second, ownership is resale where you blindly choose a random horse without any previous participation and victories. It works like a gamble. You spend money on the horse and groom it for racing events looking for a potential profit.

There are many organizations that offer to contribute in the horse syndication and let you enjoy your desires of horse racing. All over Australia, you can find a number of such shares selling organization. One of the most renown organization is ATB, Australian Thorough Board Bloodstock. They work in horse racing syndicate,and offer you to buy shares ranging from 5 % to 30 %. There are a number of beautiful and strong horses for racing available at their website. It is central Victoria based organization dealing with racehorse syndication. They are working in this field since 1997 and their trained horses have always reached the highest levels in many events.

With the names of horses like True Courser and Skewiff, who are always the group winners, ATB has always brought forth the best. With ATB racehorse syndication you can participate in all types of horse racing either it is national championships, world games or international events.